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Presented by Tim Bahan, President of Standard Process of Ohio

One out of five of your patients has autoimmune dysfunction – and usually undiagnosed. Could it be a hormone problem? Undiagnosed food allergies? Toxins? Something is driving the inflammation. In this eight-hour seminar, Dr. Lawrence addresses the many reasons and solutions to this confounding issue.


This seminar was created for both the practitioners and staff of wellness offices. It is based on the work of Dr. Royal Lee to help you utilize Standard Process® and MediHerb® products with your patients. By using supplements in your practice, you can improve patient outcome and diversify your income. These four non-CEU hours will be focused on providing you simple tools to create long-term wellness patients. Bring your own blood pressure cuff for hands-on training!


  • Whole Food Philosophy
  • Core Principles and Fundamental Products
  • Utilizing Key Products in a Clinical Setting
  • Hands-on Workshop with Nutrition Exam
  • Utilizing the Systems Survey Form
  • Detox Programs – 10, 21, and 28 day options
  • In-office Marketing Tools & Patient Education


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50% cancellation fee will be applied to all registrations cancelled within 7 days of the event. For orders with multiple registrations, each registration will have the fee applied. For this event, last day to cancel for a full refund is October 9, 2019.

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